Our Products

PU doors

Rigidfoam also manufactures polyurethane sliding doors, single leaf swing doors and double leaf swing doors.

These doors are widely being used in cold room, freezer room, blast freezer room, clean room, offices, production areas and telecommunication cabins.

As for project purposes, glass windows are also provided.

Our doors come in different kinds of thickness such as 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm to suit the different requirements and applications.

The advantages of our polyurethane doors are :

  • High degree of thermal insulation against energy lost
  • Fully air tight to minimize heat transfer
  • Heater wire installed to prevent icing
  • View glass can be installed to allow inspection from outside the room
  • Safety locks to prevent cheap omega replica personnel from being locked accidentally inside the cold room
  • Simple installation with our standard accessory
  • Simple & easy operation

In fact, some of the strongest insulated doors in the industry are marketed by us.

Our swing doors and sliding doors have also been highly recommended for the most demanding clients.